The Harvest is Ripe Christian Center

  FAITH  Mark 11:22-24 

Meet Pastor Lamar

Pastor Gregory Lamar Watkins Sr.

Hi, my name is Gregory I am known to many as “Lamar” I am the founder and senior pastor of 

The Harvest is Ripe Christian Center.

Born May 28, 1962, in Chicago, IL, I am a husband, father, former military man, and a teacher. 

I present the word of God in a compassionate, fresh and non-compromising way, reaching people from all walks of life.

God has brought me from a long way, from a man with addictions to drugs and alcohol to a delivered, saved, sanctified and spirit filled man of God.

I had an 18 year battle with drug and alcohol and it came to an end in 1994 after attending an Easter Sunday service at a local church in Minneapolis, MN. As I went to the altar, God met me there and at that point I gave my life completely over to God.

Right away, I was shown the delivering and sustaining power of God, I was immediately delivered from drug and alcohol and I went on to become an ordained minister and youth leader at that very church. It was also prophesied that this day would come, although I did not know that it would be 20 years, but God had to prepare me and it all came together in God’s timing.

I preach powerful messages of hope, grace and the compassion of Christ. God changed my life and I strongly know that I have been called by God to preach the Gospel, to empower people to pursue a deep, trusting, intimate relationship with God and to introduce them to the same loving God that delivered him 20 years ago, the same God that has sustained me for 20 years.

I am a living and working proof, that God can take you from the bottom and bring you to the top, no problem is to hard for him. I know that I am here to help encourage people so they will know that no matter what has happened in life or what is happening in life that the love God outweighs it all! 

My mandate is to teach the Bible plane an understanding way so that a relationship with God can form and we can become empowered so that we can live a better life. I encourage all of you to embrace and fulfill of your God-given assignment.